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Welcome to Mellontaj.com ,In 2014 our Executive Chef , Chef Dwayne Pierce awake one morning with a loud banging on his door . It was his daughter screaming that his grandson was not moving . Chef Dwayne rushed into the room grabbed up his grandson of 1 and 1/2 years hold and began screaming and begging God to save his grandson but it was all too late . Chef Dwayne proclaimed to his grandson as the emergency workers in North Charleston SC removed the child from his trembling arms “God please give me another chance !!!!!! ” Depressed and no where to turn a minister in Eutawville SC prayed over Chef Dwayne and his daughter and told him to cheer up because there was a scripture in the bible that said she would have only boys from now on . Chef Dwayne celebrated the arrival of 2 grandsons in the same week a year later and another 2 grandsons afterwards . The idea of MellonTaj is Chef Dwayne dedicating a promise he made to God which Chef Dwayne & his staff now work for the company his grandsons own . Thank you because every time you purchase you are investing into the future of 2 young men who were a promise from God .

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