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  • Slow Cooked Beef

    Yes, we said it “we cook very slow.” that is when it comes to the tender morsels of beef, we marinate in a red wine with our parade of personalized herbs picked by our Executive Chef and ready to be consumed very fast.
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  • Gullah Rice Platter With Chicken and Beef Sausage

    In Charleston SC Gullah cuisine roots run deep, just like the flavor of this dish which highlights an amazing hand prepared in house Gullah seasoning to flavor our rice, veggies and other star players on this plate, so you’ll have more time to ...
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  • Rib & Jerk Chicken Combo

    We totally get it no one can eat just one, that is just the southern ribs and leave the amazing jerk chicken behind. We’ve decided to fulfill the request of doubling your pleasure with an order from down south and saving you a trip to Jamaica. ...
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  • Ribs With 2 Sides

    BBq Ribs – Our Entree’s come with 3 bones that are seasoning by our professional Chefs to perfection. I guess we should alert everyone that BBq sauce is optional when southern style ribs have been slow cooked by our chefs to give the ...
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  • Italian Chicken Breast w Goat Cheese Topping

    Somewhere on the planet there is a place that has some of the most flavorful marinated with white wine chicken breast, that has been seasoned to perfection and topped with an Italian sauce just waiting for someone’s taste buds. Ok you got us ...
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  • Poulett’ BasiQ (French Chicken)

    Ok we get it, there’s The Eiffel Tower, The Palace of Versailles, French fries and yes, this amazing French dish we have that touts a medley of fresh spices to create a sauce topping to pour over a tender cooked marinated chicken breast carved ...
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  • Curry Chicken With 2 Sides

    Curry from the Indian subcontinent consists of chicken stewed in an onion- and tomato-based sauce with fresh herbs that our chefs are extremely patient with their seasoning process to allow the respect the curry spice historical background is truly ...
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  • Jerk Chicken With 2 Sides

    Jerk Chicken – A plane ticket or a long cruise is a lot more costly than just clicking a button and having the taste of Jamaica grace your taste buds with the fresh island herbs of ingredients that are carefully rubbed into our Jerk Chicken ...
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  • Garlic Butter Shrimp

    Imagine getting huge jumbo shrimp tossed in a fresh lime garlic butter sauce with a touch of manuka honey accompanied with our fresh herb & spice blend. Ok you can stop daydreaming it’s on our menu enjoy.
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  • Seared Salmon With 2 Sides

    Alaskan seared Salmon is one of our favorites because the careful fresh hand cut portions performed by our chefs takes the experience of eating Salmon to a whole new level. Of course, the sprinkling seasoning of fresh herbs and spices will make you ...
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10 Meal Deal
  • 10 Meal Deal

    You don’t have time to wash dishes, clean up afterwards and do all of the things you have on your daily plate. Great just order our meal deal and lunch and dinner is ready daily all you need is a few minutes and a few hunger pains. This deal ...
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Welcome to ,In 2014 our Executive Chef , Chef Dwayne Pierce awake one morning with a loud banging on his door . It was his daughter screaming that his grandson was not moving . Chef Dwayne rushed into the room grabbed up his grandson of 1 and 1/2 years hold and began screaming and begging God to save his grandson but it was all too late . Chef Dwayne proclaimed to his grandson as the emergency workers in North Charleston SC removed the child from his trembling arms “God please give me another chance !!!!!! ” Depressed and no where to turn a minister in Eutawville SC prayed over Chef Dwayne and his daughter and told him to cheer up because there was a scripture in the bible that said she would have only boys from now on . Chef Dwayne celebrated the arrival of 2 grandsons in the same week a year later and another 2 grandsons afterwards . The idea of MellonTaj is Chef Dwayne dedicating a promise he made to God which Chef Dwayne & his staff now work for the company his grandsons own . Thank you because every time you purchase you are investing into the future of 2 young men who were a promise from God .


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The idea of MellonTaj is Chef Dwayne dedicating a promise he made to God which Chef Dwayne & his staff now work for the company his grandsons own . Thank you because every time you purchase you are investing into the future of 2 young men who were a promise from God .


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Every establishment should have at least one (CFPM) and definitely have ours . A Certified Food Protection manager is a must when preparing great cuisine . Our CFPM is well trained and certified and approved by the sate of South Carolina to be responsible for all of your food safety . Our Chefs carefully choose quality seafood and other meats to ensure you get the best quality and in many cases we hand cut our portions to a deeper perfection than acquired . It’s like having your own personal team of Chefs in your own kitchen and you’re just showing off .

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